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David 'Chook' Crawford

David ”Chook“ Crawford has been fascinated with the natural world for as long as he can remember. After leaving school early for a life on the cattle stations of North Queensland, his existing interest in birds was fired up by the magical sight of cruising Red-winged Parrots keeping pace with his passenger seat window in a cattle truck. Their beauty and grace sparked what would become a lifelong passion for opening up the brilliant world of birds to everyone.

This vision stayed with him as he left the stations and began work as a driver and guide on outback tours throughout Cape York and around Australia, taking in the diversity of Australian birdlife and always returning to his roots in Far North Queensland.

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Close-Up Birding Adventures is now in its 12th year of operation and for the last 7 years we have spread our wings to cover Queensland’s incredible Channel Country. These Birding Adventures have been very successful with us running 2 trips in winter every year due to popular demand. Chook lives his dream every year guiding excited birders around the visually spectacular and bird rich area of the SW QLD Channel Country. Chook has a reputation of getting “Close-Up” to the incredible variety of Birds that he encounters on his Birding Adventures.

An extended stint guiding out of Jabiru Safari Lodge at Mareeba Wetlands completed the picture and Chook now lives his dream, guiding excited birders around his enormous home territory and getting "Close-up" to the incredible variety of birds he encounters on his tours.

Chook lives in Mount Molloy with his wife Tracey, happily surrounded by over three hundred recorded species of birds.

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